Close-up Blue Classic Antique Chevrolet Truck with Windshield, Drivers-Side Door, Side-View Mirror and Red Chevy Logo at Sunrise

"Blue Jean" - Bristol, VA

State Street in Downtown Bristol with Gold Tennessee-Virginia Brick and Double Yellow Lines in the Middle of the Street at Sunrise

"Yellow Brick Road" - Bristol, TN/VA

Black and White Through a Restaurant Window of Two Contemporary Women Sitting at a Table Looking at Menus

"No Reservations" - Asheville, NC

Black and White Downtown Asheville North Carolina with Brick Buildings, Traffic Lights and a Street Sign

"Climbing Up The Walls" - Asheville, NC

Historic Paramount Theater in Downtown Bristol with a View of Surrounding Buildings, Traffic Lights and of State Street at Sunrise

"Center Stage" - Bristol, TN

Panorama of three Black and White Antique Windows in Venice Italy with Wooden Shutters

"Come To My Window" - Venice, Italy

Black and White Alley in Downtown Bristol Tennessee with Brick Buildings on Each Side and Lights on Strings Overhead

"Runway Lights" - Bristol, TN

Black and White Fire Truck Sitting In Front of Brick Fire Station in Downtown Bristol Virginia

"Only The Brave" - Bristol, VA

Black and White of Kneeling Street Musician Playing Guitar Wearing White T-Shirt, Old Trucker Hat and Ripped Blue Jeans

"The Soloist" - Asheville, NC

Black and White Unique Shaped Window in Old Wooden Door with Reflections of Downtown Asheville North Carolina

"Rearviewmirror" - Asheville, NC

Old Wooden Barrel with Rusted Metal Straps and Plug Sitting in Front of a Brewery in Downtown Bristol Virginia

"Family Tradition" - Bristol, VA

Black and White Gypsy Street Performer Wearing Long Pearl Necklace and Unicorn Horn and Waiving a Fan With Flowing Fabric Attached

"Gypsy Heart" - Asheville, NC

Front of Blue Classic Antique Chevrolet Truck with Windshield, Chrome Grill and Bumper, Head Lights and Yellow License Plate at Sunrise

"Forever Young" - Bristol, VA

Panorama of Three Black and White Broken Windows Covered in Vines in Old Brick Manufacturing Facility in Downtown Bristol Virginia

"Time Passes On" - Bristol, VA

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